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Our History

The story of the Mikesell's Potato Chip Company began in 1910. Although many things have changed since 1910, one thing has not – the quality of Mikesell's products. It is this dedication to quality set by Daniel Mikesell that has helped us remain an industry leader and one of the oldest potato chip manufacturer in the United States. Now all you history buffs can take a trip through time and see how we've grown with our interactive timeline.

D.W. Mikesell and his wife operated a business selling dried beef and sausages from two rooms on South Williams Street in Dayton, Ohio. Then came the opportunity to buy some potato chip equipment and the Mikesell's Potato Chip Company was born.
The Mikesell Company saw a need for a unique logo. It was decided that a "play on words" using the Mikesell name should be used, a hyphen was added making the trademarked Mike-sell's name. The hyphen remained for over 85 years.
D.W. Mikesell and Guy Lombardo are pictured here tasting a chip right off the conveyer belt. Lombardo exclaimed that the chips were "Music to his Mouth."
In the 1950s, the chips were put into cellophane and glassine bags before they lost any of their crisp flavor. Today, the materials have changed, but the freshness and quality remains the same.
Daniel W. Mikesell passes away at the age of 82.
1987 was an historic year for Mikesell's fans across the country. With the introduction of the Chipper Shipper program, fans from all over could order direct and have them shipped to their door.
Celebration of Mikesell's 100th Birthday! Stay tuned for more great milestones in our next 100 years.