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Take a Virtual Tour

Welcome to our virtual plant tour. We're proud of how we make our chips and are eager to show you. To view, just roll your mouse over a number or click the arrow to continue. Have a great time! Welcome!
1. Receiving: All Aboard
A new truck filled with potatoes comes in every day. We take them off the truck and start them on their journey.

Fun Fact! We get our potatoes based on the season, from Florida all the way up to Michigan.
2. Storing: A temporary home!
The potatoes may be separated into smaller batches for necessary storage. The slots in the crates help keep air flowing.

Fun Fact! It takes 3.5 to 4 pounds of potatoes to make ONE pound of potato chips.
3. Washing: Bath time!
Next, we gently peel and wash the potatoes.

Fun Fact! We separate the starch produced in the wash step, which is later used for coating paper.
After the potatoes are washed, they're inspected for size and imperfections.
5. Slicing: Perfect thickness!
The selected potatoes now go through the slicer. To ensure that Mike-sell;s signature taste, they're cut to specific ticknesses.

Fun Fact! We can peel about 400 pounds of potatoes in 3 minutes.
We cook our potatoes for 5 minutes in premium oil, to ensure that "delicious" Mikesell's taste!
7. Cooling: Looking good!
Out of the cooker for a chance to be seasoned with a bit of spice!

Fun Fact! Our plant can produce up to 4,000 pounds of potato chips in an hour.
8. Bagging: Down the chute!
Up to the bagging machine, where the chips are weighed and put into bags in the correct amounts.

Fun Fact! We can run up to 6,500 cases in an 8 hour shift.
9. Packing: All boxed up!
The chips are packed into cases (which we reuse to reduce waste), labeled and sent on to the warehouse.
10. Warehousing: To the launch pad!
In the warehouse, the boxes are separated by variety and date on specially made wheel trays to await the truck!
11. Shipping: Here we come!
Our chips usually ship within 2 days of packaging. That makes them nice and fresh when you pick them up at the store.

Fun Fact! We distribute in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.